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To carry out our various projects, we rely on a team and a network of partners and performing experts.
Mr. Bouazza MACHE, the founder of MarkEthnik, comes from Market Research sector where he built up a career of more than ten years. He worked in both private and public sectors in Morocco, in Canada and in West Africa. He is a specialist of marketing communication in the Arab and Muslim countries. Before immigrating to Canada, he oversaw several studies and researches in Morocco for diverse companies and organizations operating in various sectors: FMCG, Finance and Insurance, Employment, Education and Development issues.
Mr. Bouazza MACHE taught strategic marketing, Marketing Principles and Market Research in Business colleges.
He intervenes for United Nations bodies and projects. He also served in the Canadian international cooperation in West Africa.
Mr. Bouazza MACHE holds a B.B.A. From the Catholic University of Louvain and a Master’s degree of Science in Marketing from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.